How to apply for the transit visa when you are eligible for ESTA?

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The ESTA visa waiver program came into effect in 2009. They have become very popular in countries such as the United Kingdom as they do not have to visit the US embassy and be in queues for a long time if they are planning for the short trips to the US. The program is based on the ESTA 90 day limit that permits you to stay in the US not more than three months.

Various reasons for which you require the transit visa

  • If you are the citizen of the country from which you have applied in the ESTA waiver program, and you have booked the connecting flight and having a stay for few hours in other countries you need to apply for the transit visa.
  • If you are applying for the transit visa, make sure that you should have used 3 days before your flight to the US as after that you will not able to apply for that visa and might face an issue during your journey.
  • The transit is automatically linked to your valid passport, and the officers can check whether you have the appropriate transit just by scanning your passport. Thus, there is no chance of doing any fraud or traveling without a valid transit visa.
  • The US officers strictly consider the transit if even you just have to cross their international border and absence of transit will avoid your entry in any state of the US.
  • Once you have been issued with the transit you do not have to apply for the transit for every time you will plan a visit to the US in the two years.
  • There is no any other extra cost to be incurred by you for next time you travel to the US, as the validity of the transit is the same as the validity of the waiver program.

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