Choose a suitable memory card for your Dash cam

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Dash cams offer a great line of help to the users. From resolving the claims and investigations of the insurance companies in case of any accidents or any kind of fraud regarding your vehicle, it also helps in uncovering the rare occurrences, fun as well as the interesting stuff and also sometimes helpful for the investigations and exploration of the universe. There are the dash cams with the parking mode to be of very good help and has the engage and the disengage feature to be completely automatic. The buffered feature of the Dash cam Reddit will be able to record a few seconds, and this happens before as well as after the activation of the motion sensor or the g sensor and this is similar to the time machine.

Which memory card to use?

In the case of the dash cams, memory cards are used for the storage of the memory and a normal micro SD card may not completely serve your purpose as it may fail sometimes as there are only a limited number of cycles for reading, writing and also rewriting. So in order to overcome this, there are the MLC high endurance cards and these are better than the micro SD as these will be lasting longer but they are bit expensive. The cards which are based on TLC are cheaper compared to these but will not last longer. This is the only difference between those two.

Most of the dash cams will be like the FAT32 system card and they may not be compatible with the exfat32 card and it is always recommended and suggested the format of the card for every 30 to 35 days for longer life of the cards in the dash cams. And also a memory card with the good storage space will be saving your time as well as stores enough so that there is no need to look back for the insufficient space.

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